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Picnic Hill Orchard

Holiday Gift Box

Holiday Gift Box

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Premium Pecans (Style)
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This festive holiday gift box contains Nebraska-grown apples, pecans, honey, chocolate, and a caramel apple dip mix. With 6 apples, an 8 oz bag of pecans, a 12 oz jar of honey, a 3.5 oz bar of chocolate, and 1 bag of caramel apple dip mix, each box is customizable to your preference.

Select from the following types of apples:

Arkansas Black - Six sweet-tasting apples noted for their intense red hue and festive flavor.

Holiday Selection - Two each of Arkansas Black, Gold Rush, and Granny Smith varieties.

Choose between an 8oz bag of Amanda's Amazing Candied Pecans, or mixed sample pack with 2.5oz each of Amanda's Amazing Candied Pecans, Cajun Spice Pecans, Roasted Sea Salt Pecans and Roasted Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Pecans.

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